TPI NEXT® Foundation E-learning

A dynamic training program on how to improve your test process

TPI NEXT® (Test Process Improvement®) is the international standard for organizations that strive towards lower cost of testing, shorter time for testing and/or improving the quality of their test process. The TPI NEXT® model is a reference model for test processes, developed by Sogeti and applicable in any environment. The TPI NEXT® model is used in 2 ways: on the one hand to measure the maturity of test processes and on the other hand to provide a roadmap for improvements. As an independent model it can be used in relationship with any testing or development method, such as TMap NEXT® (Test Management Approach®). The model easily adapts to situations and environments like Agile, waterfall, maintenance, etc. Furthermore the model provides guidelines for CMMI-related projects.

Many professionals have followed a training to get to know more about test process improvement or to become a better tester. It is now possible to value this knowledge and acknowledge your competence by going up for the TPI NEXT® Foundation exam. This e–learning training prepares for that exam and enables you to check your knowledge of the model and all its aspects in a dynamic and stimulating way. The e-learning modules consist of clear descriptions and practical examples, animations and striking illustrations. Furthermore you will become acquainted with the TPI NEXT® tool as it is used for assessments and analysis.

The TPI NEXT® Foundation e-learning training is aimed at all professionals who are involved and interested in test process improvement: Test Professionals and Engineers, Test Managers, Test Consultants and other stakeholders such as Project Leads. This e-learning trainingcan be used as a preparation for the TPI NEXT® Foundation exam, but it is also very useful when you wish to know more about structured testing and test process improvement in general.

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Target group: Test Professionals, Managers, Consultants and Stakeholders
Study load 30 hours of individual study and practice
Data: Anytime
Investment: 595 EUR per person per training excluding EXIN TPI NEXT® Foundation exam


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